TamalWeb -What’s this all about?

Hello random internet user!

You are at TamalWeb.com, the blog and website of Tamal Anwar (me) I’m a web application and website developer from Habiganj, Bangladesh. I work with JavaScript, Node.js, React.js and like to build cool web based applications.

You will mostly find work related stuff about me over here.

I freelanced for many years as a WordPress developer. BlogKori theme is my first and only contribution for WordPress. Now I work on custom web applications.

I created this fresh new blog to share my journey as a web app developer. 

By reading my blog, you will get to know my journey, my process and few tips here and there.

So if you are interested in modern web development, product creation, and me, then feel free to stick around, read this blog and stalk me online.

Yours truly..

Okay now what to do next?