Things To Look For When Picking A Domain Name For Business

Internet domain names are unique, cool, and universal. There is only one, one and only one (which I own).

You can build your website and the entire online hub around that domain name. Everybody in the world (and maybe in the future, from other planets) people can visit your site.

In this article I will help you come up with good domain name ideas for your business. [Continue reading…]

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How To Know You Have An Outdated Website?

orange white cat jack looking outside the window

I talk a lot about why having an outdated website looses your business credibility, and you know that having one is a bad thing. But how exactly do you know your website is outdated? Especially when you are not a tech savvy person or not really into the world of web.

You don’t have to keep guessing! Here in this 7 step checklist you will know if you have an outdated website or not, and if you should update to a new one.

I have covered all the non-technical stuff which should be easier for you to check and determine whether you have an old and outdated website or not.

Here goes the 7 step checklist to determine if you have an old and outdated website which needs an upgrade! [Continue reading…]

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What To Look for Before You Hire a WordPress Developer?

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So you have decided to hire some help for your WordPress based site? But how do you figure out who to connect with and what to look for?

Fortunately for you, I have wrote this detailed article to help you sort through all the freelance developers out there in the world to go for only the best and reliable people who can work with you.

Here are the things you need to asses before you hire a WordPress developer. [Continue reading…]


How To Take WordPress Site Offline, Coming Soon Page, Under Construction Mode

Do you want to take your WordPress site offline from regular visitors? So that you can work and build your site yourself. Only you can see your site. This is called taking your site offline or putting it on a maintenance mode.

People will see a coming soon page on your site. To put your site in the under construction mode, just install this plugin called UnderConstruction and enable it. [Continue reading…]

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Top Reasons why Every Business Should Embrace Webinars

For businesses looking to grow their bottom line, webinars are vital.  With webinars you can provide interactive information to your target audience, while building your business profile.  Here are some top reasons that you should consider incorporating webinars into your business strategy.

Gaining subscribers

Successful webinars usually lead to an increase in subscribers. For any business, the importance of a healthy mailing list cannot be overemphasised. With a webinar, you can provide interactive and educational content for your subscribers while bringing in new prospects. This means an increase in the number of people that like your services and are ready to pay for them. [Continue reading…]

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How To Left Align The Navigation Menu Links in Divi Theme

Ever noticed that every Divi theme has a right aligned navigation menu?

There is an option in the theme customizer that can make the nav menu align center. But what if you want to put it on the left, next to the logo?

I like the classic style of my navigation menu to be left align.

Here in this quick tutorial I will show you how you can make your navigation menu align to the left, which is just right next to your logo. [Continue reading…]

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