I Never Thought I Would Become A Programmer One Day

Growing up I was just a regular boy. I was never good at science or maths. I like to break things apart, but I wont call myself a tech nerd. So how did a regular guy like me turn into a programmer, coding things from scratch? Let’s be honest here, programming is not that easy. It takes discipline and repeated effort to code something on your own, build a thing which actually works. I never thought someday I would turn into a web developer and actually code in this weird language. Please note: I am using the words “coding”, “development”, …

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Hello WordPress

When installing WP for the first time, it automatically publishes this standard hello world post. I usually delete this post and start fresh, but not this time. This time I thought why not take this opportunity and talk about WordPress for a while. WordPress is by far the easiest way to get up and running with a website. All the top web hosting providers support automatic one-click WP installs. In many cases WordPress will be an ideal fit for your next website. But there are some instances where WP should not be used: You don’t wish to blog on this …

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