How to hide video cards from covering the screen on YouTube?

As a YouTube user, I get annoyed when the entire screen covers up with suggested videos. What’s even worse is when I miss the important moments of the video especially when it’s a movie clip or a sports highlight. Fortunately, we can hide the end cards if you are watching from the desktop version.

How to hide video cards from covering the screen on YouTube? Download this browser extension called “Hide YouTube Endscreen” for Chrome or Firefox and it will automatically remove the videos from covering the end part of your favorite videos.

I created this browser extension out of my own frustration. I like to watch action clips and often times the climax part is the most interesting part of the video. The last part gets blocked because of the intrusive YouTube end screens. And I am not alone, this user missed the important penalty shootout due to these cards:

This is a snap of how I missed the last penalty that was saved but I could not see. This happens in full screen mode as well as the normal mode. I had to swipe it down to the bottom as shown in the second photo to watch the penalty save. This is very annoying. 

YouTube user

Introducing Hide YouTube Endscreen extension

This extension silently keeps blocking the end screen videos so I can enjoy the video till the end. As mentioned, I created this tool out of my own frustration. I like to watch videos with my siblings and often the ending part gets interrupted with suggested videos. After installing this extension, I never had to worry about it anymore.

Get in on Google Chrome here and Firefox here.

Can we hide end screen on mobile app?

At the time of writing, no you cannot hide the end screen on the mobile app, but you can still watch the video when you minimize it.

Drag the video down to run it on the mini player to hide end screens for now

Currently, the Hide YouTube end screen extension only works when watching videos from web browsers, and I would like to ask my android and iOS developer friends if they can come up with something similar for mobile users.

In Conclusion:

YouTube should add the option to disable the end cards by the users. We should be able to flip a switch and remove all the videos in the final 20 seconds. Until that happens, we have to rely on third-party tools like my extension.

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  • Are you using my browser extension?
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