Each and every business is different, has different problems which needs a custom set of solutions.

This article is a bit long, so please feel free to navigate yourself with this usefull table of contents:

Table of Contents

The Problems

If you are one of my ideal clients, then you have one or more of these problems:

  • Your business is good, now you want to grow even more with the internet but have no clue how. You are one of the leaders in your industry, and would like to apprear the same on the internet.
  • Your company has a little or no online presence. Even if you have a website, it was done a very long time ago and filled with outdated information.
  • Your current website doesn’t clearly represents your real world business. It looks like you are going out of business, which in fact is not true. You are embarrassed when other people look at your site.
  • You are looking for better and cost effective ways to acquire new customers. You are tired with high priced Google Ads and the fake likes from Facebook. You want to spend money on the type of promotion you understand and control.
  • You have no idea what’s going on your website, how many people visit your site, or how people found your business online. You are looking for an easy way to monitor and measure them.
  • You are wasting a lot of time manually collecting customer surveys, answering common questions in sales support, nurturing leads etc. You want to automate a lot of repeated tasks so that you can put your resources into more important things.
  • You are frustrated of dealing with tech nerds for managing your website, who doesn’t understands business objectives. You don’t like the tech gargon they speak. You can’t even fire them because you don’t want to do it yourself either. You are looking for a trusted tech person with business knowledge.

With these problems outlined, here’s how we can work together and address these needs:

Gaining more trust from your customers with a modern website

Your online marketing stars with a modern website. You should have a polished and functional website that clearly conveys the core values of your business.

Look and feel

In the front end it will look clean, professional and easy on the eyes. You have to keep your customers in mind. Don’t bore them with company history and philosophy, tell them what you can do for them and what you need from them to get started.

The website will have all the contact info like general contact, email surveys, phone number, business location and directions to visit your offices. Yours users should be able to find that information within 1-2 mouse clicks.


On the back end, your site should load lightning fast (within 2-3 seconds) and should be ready to serve your customers. A fast website makes the user love to interact more with your business site.

Your site should track and measure all activities of your visitors and then report back to you every week. You will know key statistics from your website usage like which pages they are visiting in which order? That way you can rearrange and put important pages first in your website navigation.

You will learn how they found your site and from which sources. This way you will know which online campaigns are providing the most results so you can further optimize them. You will also learn the location of your visitors, so with that information you can market your business to a new area.


Many users now days are on the go. When they learn about you from an advertisement or from a friend, they would want to open up their phones and check you out. The first impression counts. Many mobile data carriers are slow. Your site should load as fast as in the computer and should have a mobile version ready to be served.

If you make it easy for them to browse from the mobile, when they arrive home or office they will be more likely to engage with your brand again from the desktop.

Other digital properties

There are other properties which plays as an extension of your online presence. Updating your website every now an then with a new customer query is not always possible. That’s why there is Twitter and Facebook. With social media you can interact with your customers quickly and personally.

Your business doesn’t have to be on every new social media which is out there. It should be on those where your customers are. You should build your social media accounts to compliment your overall digital brand experience.

Apart from social media there is yet another very personal form of communication, an email newsletter. The email newsletter lets you connect with your customer base, send promotional mails and follow up with them. Building a similar branded e-newsletter makes your emails stand out from hundreds of other emails.

Attracting better customers with content marketing

With digital ads like Facebook ads and Google Adwords, it’s often a losing game. Facebook is notorious for sending fake accounts for ad views. This means all the money you spend on Facebook ads, is just getting you in-front of bots or fake profiles. Facebook is good for selling tee-shirts and other fun e-commerce items. So this means the kind of customers you are looking for are probably not in there.

Google Adwords doesn’t have a bad reputation for sending fake clicks but they are very expensive. You get to pay for being in-front of the right audience who are actually searching for your services. But as long as you are pumping cash, your ad will keep showing. Most customers who will visit your site from the ads, won’t convert into customers if your website and sales funnel are not optimized.

So all this means acquiring new customers online with traditional methods are always going to cost you too much money. And if you are not experienced, and your site is not optimized for conversions, then my friend you are going to lose tens of thousands of dollars over a few days.

Smart articles

Your business must have written white papers, manuals and other articles to inform your customers. With web it works a little differently. We are going to create smart articles which a) addresses a problem your audience have, b) provides a solution or points to a solution, and c) which gets found on the internet easily.

Creating these smart articles will make your website show up on Google, Yahoo and Bing search when your target customers search for them. They will land on your site, read it and proceed to the next step (book a meeting). You will get to convert more customers since they learned your company is an expert in solving that particular problem.

Search engines like Google love these smart articles. They will put the page on top of search results for free of charge. Sometimes those pages stay on top for years. That means a onetime investment on a piece of article will bring you laser targeted leads for years to come.

If your article is so good in solving a problem, visitors will share the link with their friends on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. This will bring in more free promotion and social proof.

There is no limit on how many smart articles you can produce. You can pick one problem per article and publish them regularly. Every article is a door of entry to your company website, the more you have the more customers you can acquire. All these info you provide will put you as the authority in your market. So investing in content has more returns than traditional online ads.

Other digital media channels

Other than text based content which is most common on the internet, you can also incorporate digital media channels to reach to new customers.

Video is the most popular method of sharing and learning new things online. You can produce instructional or education videos and host them for free on YouTube. You don’t have to produce broadcast quality videos, if your video is good on content you can easily engage an audience in the platform.

With videos delivered on YouTube, you have a wide range of audience who will learn about your company. Just like the smart articles, you should make your videos helpful and fun to be shared across the web. You can then link back to your products and services from your company.

There is another emerging media on the internet and that is audio podcasts. These are like radio shows, many of them are two people talking about a subject. You can start your own podcast or participate in other popular podcasts as a guest. Apple iTunes is the top platform for many popular podcasts. As you know a large number of people are Apple users and iTunes listeners, you get to leverage this wide range of audience with audio content.

Freeing up more business resources by automating the sales process

With technology, you can automate a lot of your business sales process to free up resources and get more done. Many of the mundane tasks can be optimized with your website and specialized software.

Email automation

Your website will already be attracting new interested visitors with smart articles and digital media content. Majority of website visitors forget about the sites they visit and they will never come back ever again. To fix this, we will offer a small free incentive for them to sign up or join with your company mailing list. With the freebie, they will get more value and have more faith in your brand. We do this by placing various “Call To Action” buttons all across your website.

When the user is in your mailing list, a set of automated emails with lots of useful content will hit their email inbox. Here the user will learn more about the values you provide and trust you even more. With this automation, you can send your leads various promotional messages and get sales. When someone purchases from you, you can have another automation to put them into another mailing list where they will be delighted even more and thus the sales cycle will continue.


We will create various how-to and instructional manuals as a content piece on your site, so your visitors can learn more about your products or services before purchasing. Many of the visitors who will be visiting your site, are in the research phase. By offering them helpful information, we are going to make them more comfortable in buying from you. Most of these visitors are not real buyers and just tire kickers. We can filter them by adding various surveys and questionnaire forms so you can deal with only the right people.

With various how-to, instructions and frequently asked questions, we can save a lot of sales support time. Many users like to self educate themselves. By offering all the information they need at hand and a one-click option to contact, you will be converting more leads into customers by spending less resources.

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