Here are some of the resources I would like to point out to:

Disclosure: Some of the following links are my affiliate links and I may get paid a small percentage when you buy the product using my link.


Recommended JavaScript course:

Brush up your JavaScript skills with Mosh Hemedani, he teaches slowly and makes everything simple:

Recommended Node JS courses:

Another course from Mosh is a must when learning about Node JS. It’s two years old but I included it for the quality of the teaching.

If you are looking for something recent and updated, check out this one from Rob Percival and Andrew:

Software and Productivity

Code Editor: VS Code, recently switched to it. I can’t say enough about this code editor. In the past I used Atom editor.

Basic Photo editing (for Windows): PhotoScape, handy for quick cropping, resizing, batch processing.

Online Presence:

Shared Web Hosting: BlueHost, for hosting your professional website on the internet. (This is my affiliate link)

WordPress: For quickly setting up a personal or professional blog or website on your shared web hosting account. Can be done with a one-click installer from any modern web host.

Premium WordPress Theme Builder: Divi Theme Builder, it lets you drag and drop elements and build your own design. Good for non-coders out there who want to make a cool design within a few hours. (Also my affiliate link, I get a small cut if you make a purchase using my link)

WordPress plugins:

Books to read:

I don’t have a reading habit. I listened to these books:

  • The Dip, by Seth Godin. It helps you learn when to quit and when to stick.

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