Tamal Anwar: MERN Stack Developer (JavaScript, Node JS, React JS)

A warm welcome to my site! I am a full-stack developer from Bangladesh, working with the MERN stack, Node JS and React JS tools. I am currently a freshman at the University of the People pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Here I share my expertise as a developer and blog my software engineer’s journey.

Recent Work:

The Periodic Table

Interactive periodic table made with React JS and CSS Grid.

Twitter Clone

Twitter Clone with user registration, login, tweeting, and profiles.

Reddit Clone

Reddit clone with registration, login, voting, commenting and admin settings.

Paper Editor

JavaScript based rich text editor with custom image support.

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My Last Talk:

Tamal Anwar at React Con Dhaka, 2018

I had the chance to attend and talk at React Con in Dhaka. In this talk, I shared my journey of learning React + some of the inner workings of this JavaScript framework. Read the post.

I hope you had enjoyed meeting me, talk soon!

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