Tamal Anwar: Backend Developer, Open for Hire

Hello my name is Tamal (you already know that)

I am a backend developer working with NodeJS, TypeScript, and currently looking for work.

What is backend development anyway?

Glad that you asked. In software, we have this thing called the client-server architecture. The client is the visual side the user interacts with and the server-side handles the business and application logic. When you write something on Facebook and click “Post”, the data goes into the backend for processing. I am the guy who creates the server, handles requests, works with a database, and writes the business logic.

Do you do anything other than backend?

Of course, I do. As a software engineer, one must know more or less everything about the process. I do frontend, backend, full-stack, and even a little dev-ops. If the project calls for it, I will even design the logo. In fact, I started my web development career working as a frontend WordPress designer-developer. These days I am focusing on the backend.

Which programming languages or tools do you work with?

I work with a variety of languages and tools including JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, PHP, and even WordPress. I don’t have a favorite language because I will use the most appropriate tool that’s fit for the job.

If you ask me to build something quickly, my goto tools will be HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, and ReactJS.

If you tell me to build something with ______, then I will be happy to learn that while I build.

Hey, aren’t you the guy from blogkori.com?

Yes, I am the guy who writes at blogkori.com (online business blog). I took a break from the blog for a few years to pursue software engineering. Now I am back and I am both a developer and a blogger. At BlogKori, I help the non-techy folks to blog and build passive income while here I offer services as a backend developer.

Can I have a look at some of your work?

Certainly! Please go here to check out my work. You can also find open-source projects at my Github profile.

Are you looking for work at the moment?

Yes, I am currently looking for work on a freelance or remote basis. I am also open to the opportunity of working as part of your team (part-time or full-time). If you are looking for a developer, or know someone who might, then feel free to grab my resume.

I have one more question

Feel free to contact me via email

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Recent Work:

The Periodic Table

Interactive periodic table made with React JS and CSS Grid.

Twitter Clone

Twitter Clone with user registration, login, tweeting, and profiles.

Reddit Clone

Reddit clone with registration, login, voting, commenting and admin settings.

Paper Editor

JavaScript based rich text editor with custom image support.

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